We welcome you to suukha studio, a hair and makeup space that embraces the intentional, the beautiful and the nurturing.

The word suukha simply describes the feelings of joy, ease and comfort which are the essence of suukha studio, It is a space where we can share our passions with like minded people who are ready to embody a state of ease along their hair and makeup journey.

suukha philosophy

At suukha, we value the act of slowing down and taking time for self care. Our intentional hair and makeup services are supported with grounding rituals, acupressure head massages and herbal tea blends.

We recycle up to 95% of salon waste. Take pride knowing we partner with Sustainable Salons which ensures your time spent with us has minimal impact on the environment, for a $2 contribution from each client we are able to recycle all foil, colour tubes and even hair clippings which are hand made into hair booms to help soak up oil spills!

We ask you enjoy your time with us by immersing your senses in all we have to offer. Taking time to rest, reset and create your beauty ritual.

suukha journal

the ritual

Our hair growth cycles

Our hair growth cycles

Each of us are destined to have different hair journeys. We are each born with roughly 100,000 hair follicles on our head and all programmed with d...

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suukha brides

We believe you should feel like the best version of you on your wedding day.
Enjoy your journey - from designing your final look to preparing your morning timeline, we will be there every step of the way. View Our Packages