A little bit about Suukha...

Dreamt up by two friends, Taylah and Britney envisioned a hair and makeup space with a slower pace, an ease about it where guests left feeling beautiful, inspired and recharged in more ways than one. Three and a half years into their journey at Suukha and what better time to revisit the driving force behind this holistic hair and makeup studio. From the design of the space to the evolution of their vision for Suukha.

With unique backgrounds in haircare, makeup, design and education Taylah and Britney chose to combine their strengths to create a thoughtfully designed studio. Finding inspiration in their own creative endeavours, both founders are passionate travellers and enjoy studying both inside and outside the realms of their profession.

"We wanted to create a unique experience where guests are encouraged to explore the link between inner and outer beauty." - Taylah 

"We are so inspired by the local female run businesses in our area and enjoy collaborating with them to continue to evolve Suukha in more ways than one". - Britney

The Design of Suukha

In the thick of very uncertain pandemic times they found their dream place, a light filled studio on the outskirts of Balgowlah. With a clear vision but needing a helping hand to bring everything together they called on friends Leah and Fliss (of Interior Design Studio Bone Made) who danced them through the flow of the space and began collating a neutral palette for them, creating a refreshing antithesis to the busyness of the outside world. 
A warm white textural paint from Murobond was applied to the walls, Light timber wishbone chairs, floating shelves and streamlined cabinets gave a clean, Scandinavian feel. A plush boucle armchair, half-moon side tables and a large hexagonal greeting table, both crafted from travertine, brought understated yet luxurious detail to the studio. See the full design breakdown via Bone Made -  Read More.

"With the help of Bone Made we were able to bring together a very clear vision. Wanting to provide a place that allowed clients to feel at home and at ease, where they could rejuvenate and reset."  - Britney


Where to from here

With the latest creation of the Suukha Hair Bathhouse, you can continue to expect personalised services that enrich your hair experience along with a continued exploration and introduction to brands that align with the Suukha ethos.

The Suukha Studio Team is dedicated to continuous education, attending workshops, and keeping ahead of the latest trends and techniques in the industry. This commitment to innovation ensures that guests receive the most cutting-edge and personalised services.

With an intrinsic focus not only on the hair, the expert staff at Suukha Studio are currently completing their hair practitioner certification. Here they explore the links between nutrition and hair loss, the nervous system and glands of the skin. Looking beyond traditional hair services, the team includes a holistic hair and scalp analysis during consultation. - "Our team collaborates and inspires each other to share their passion for beauty, health, and design. This collaborative spirit contributes to the positive and uplifting atmosphere that sets Suukha Studio apart."

With co-founder Britney now slowly easing back in to studio life from maternity leave she is looking forward to continuing to grow her connection to the local community. "We have met so many beautiful people in the last three years, we are forever grateful for the community that has supported us along the way and ultimately keeps us inspired to grow the business and continue to create unique experiences that challenge the traditional bustling salon environment. We are motivated by evolution and will continue to slowly reinvent the walls we work in. " - Britney

In line with this years values of balance and growth, keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new additions to the studio shelves over the coming months. "We are continuously searching for product lines that will up-level our hair and makeup experience whilst staying true to our values of natural ingredients and sustainability". - Taylah