Sustainable Business Practices We Care About

Suukha's commitment to sustainability in the hair and beauty space was an important value that was considered throughout the creation of our service menu. Choosing to partner with sustainable salons Australia was a non-negotiable to ensure we had the support to practice business in a sustainable way.

The hair and beauty industry can be very wasteful, from salon foils, papers & plastics, to leftover colour. Our partnership with Sustainable Salons Australia has seen us be able to divert all the above from landfill and be transformed into a force for good. Not only does this partnership allow us to recycle 95% of studio waste, they also provide us access to recycled products that are necessary to our craft such as gloves and foil so we can continue to practice business in a sustainable way.

Since opening our doors three and a half years ago, we have been able to divert 48kgs of hair clippings, 231kgs of metal, 160kgs plastics and 319kgs of paper from landfill. Even hair clippings can be recycled and are often used to create hair booms to soak up oil spills!

On top of recycling 95% of Studio waste we also use water saving fixtures and non-toxic cleaning products, ensuring we have minimal negative impact on the environment and can provide a safe work place for our staff and guests.

We are passionate about raising awareness and promoting eco-friendly practices for both businesses and guests when creating their own beauty routines. We understand the challenges that come with having access to so many products and brands these days, thats why we choose to stock a small amount of thoughtfully selected brands that align with our values of sustainability, quality and luxury and encourage the use of biodegradable products where possible (i.e. the Konjac Face Sponge).  

Thank you to all our guests that have visited us in the last three years. This has helped us play a significant role in promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the hair and beauty industry.