Suukha Studio was created 3 years ago by friends Taylah Fogden and Britney Robson. Seeing a need to create a holistic space that was focused on inner and outer beauty, one where women could slow down, recharge and feel supported on their hair and makeup journey.

Building a strong, talented and intimate team is where the soul and success of Suukha's journey lays. Our Team understands the importance of care, growth and passion. We are forever supporting each other, ourselves and our guests. If a career at Suukha excites you - reach out via email here


- Want to go deeper in their client consultations
- Want to push the boundaries around what "self care" can look like
- Want to grow a loyal clientele who they LOVE spending time with
- Value their beautiful work and want it to be seen/celebrated
- Value freedom and flexibility to work their own hours
- Genuinely love to learn! In both hair and makeup and other creative areas
- understand that community is the heartbeat to our craft
Love Brit & Tay