How to give yourself that 90's Blow-dry

With the comeback of long lightweight layers and curtain bangs, learning how to style your hair to its full potential will make life a whole lot easier.
Let's be real, there is only so much we can do by ourselves at home but it's a great place to start when you have the extra time! Give yourself that bouncy 90's blow-dry, see our 4 easy tips below!

Tip #1

Use the correct prep. Creating a bouncy blow-dry using a smoothing shampoo is going to make those layers drop before you even start. Washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo will begin to make that cuticle plump up, making it a whole lot easier to create that bounce | We LOVE Cleansing Volumizing Paste by Christophe Robin, a surprising paste-like texture that transforms into a light foam, for instant volume at the roots and density down its length whilst cleansing the hair and scalp.

Once the hair is cleansed, comb out any knots with a lightweight leave in conditioner and apply a volumizing mousse from roots to tips! This will continue to plump up the hairs cuticle and also hold any curls that are placed in.


Tip #2

Use the correct tools. We don't all have access to a Dyson Airwrap however investing in a decent Hairdryer and Round Brush is a must to help combat frizz and dryness! We love the Parlux 3200 Ionic & Ceramic hairdryer which combines ceramic with a negative ion charge, allowing heat to be radiated directly to the hair, avoiding dryness.

Two different sized ceramic round brushes with nylon bristles are ideal. A bigger size for the back (around 75mm) and small size depending on the length of shaping around your face (around 50-63mm). We love the Ibiza hairbrushes, they use carbon fibre nylon bristles with a mediterranean cork handle and ceramic barrel. Giving you effortless glide while eliminating frizz, fly aways and static electricity.


Tip #3

More tools & Sectioning 101. Before you touch your hair with clips you need to blast the hair until it is about 60% dry, using your fingertips to get as much volume as possible at the root area (even dangling your head upside down if needed)!

Once your hair is just over half dry and it looks slightly like a lion's mane, its time to section! Making sure to blow-dry your hair section by section is an important tool, everyone needs a neat working space! Begin by sectioning the front from the back, drawing an invisible line from ear to ear (your face frame will be left until last) and clipping the back up leaving about a 3cm deep section at the nape area to start from. The hair should never cover more than 3/4 of the brushes surface so as you make your way up the head at the back you will begin to draw an invisible line down the centre to ensure the section doesn't get too wide! 

Keeping the brush gliding through the hair and rolling back up a few times will help reinforce the curl, smooth out any frizz and prevent overheating one section of hair. Once you take the brush out of the section replace it with a velcro roller that will stay in for the duration of the blow-dry. Velcro Rollers will help the hair set in place, accentuating the curl placed in there from the blow-dry.


Tip #4

Allow time to set. Once you have made your way through the entire head and each section has a velcro roller in place, mist a lightweight hairspray over the top and allow the hair to fully cool down, around 10 minutes (this can be sped up by placing your hairdryer on the cool setting). 

Gently take out each roller and use your hands to mould the curl and let it sit in its found shape. Once all the rollers are removed begin to work your fingertips through the root area and loosen everything up, you can even use a light weight brush to fluff the hair up even more if you would like a more tousled look. Finish with your favourite texture spray and a mist of shine spray and you are ready to go!


Our favourite Products to Create the 90's Blow dry

Cleansing Volume Paste | by Christophe Robin 
Hydrating Leave-in Mist | by Christophe Robin
Rootalicious Root Lift Spray | by Original & Mineral
Original Queenie Hairspray | by Original & Mineral
Dessert Dry Texture Spray | by Original & Mineral
Frizzy Logic Shine Spray | by Original & Mineral