Our collaborative team work cohesively to create a nurturing space for our guests to connect inward and prioritise self care. Staying inspired and fostering our creativity allows us to grow continuously and connect as a team.
We believe working with our guests natural features to enhance their best qualities is important when delivering a timeless, personalised service. Valuing continuous education is paramount in refining and growing our skills to stay at the forefront of our industry.



Spending the majority of her career in Canada Britney evolved amongst a diverse and bustling team of 50 talented hair stylists. At the essence of her growth was constant education and teaching others. A few highlights in her career so far have been refining her cutting techniques at Vidal Sassoon and styling for fashion week. Amongst many trips to New York, training with editorial brand Bumble & Bumble was when she really fell in-love with her craft. Their approach to lived-in hair inspired her eye for beauty and hair that she carries with her today.

Brit's love and creativity for styling saw her be apart of many beautiful wedding days and ultimately create a freelance bridal business wherever she landed on the globe! Somewhere in her permanent move to Australia she was given the challenge to ask herself what really resonated with her, feeling split between beauty and wellness she dove into her own health journey, it became clear looking at beauty holistically was where her passions lay. Long story short, Suukha was born!

On the weekends you'll find her entertaining, cooking and plotting adventures big or small.

Inspired by ~ Psychology, design and experience 

Star Sign ~ Virgo

Human Design ~ Projector 




Taylah began her career in hair and makeup on Sydney's Northern Beaches, her desire for refined colour work and bridal/editorial styling saw her thrive and build a loyal clientele. Wanting to explore the industry outside the realm of hair and makeup Taylah spent four years working with haircare company Schwarzkopf Professional, building her skills in customer service and education before moving to a larger salon group in Education Management, this allowed her to grow an in-depth understanding and passion for the hair and beauty culture in Australia. Along this journey she was drawn to graphic design and began to explore her creativity and studies even further. Her love for human connection always kept her close to her roots and after taking time to explore the industry along with other modalities of self care it was time to plant these roots and help birth Suukha! Taylah is ever evolving, she is inspired by the sophisticated coastal environment we live in, loving nothing more than a lived-in blended blonde and natural glowing bride, always focusing on working with and enhancing the aesthetic we are given. 

On the weekends you'll find her jumping in the ocean, at the farmers markets, working on design studies, cooking or journaling.

Inspired by ~ The natural textures and colours found amongst nature, an intriguing podcast, design magazine and swayful music

Star Sign ~ Sagittarius 

Human Design ~ Projector 



Kate has found inspiration in new landscapes and has had many opportunities to travel the world - it led her to a new chapter living in Berlin and exploring Europe. When Kate came back to Sydney her energy carried her forward to planting her roots, she dove into her passion for designing in the realm of hair.

Kate's love for people shines through the work she does - always considering the details, she holds her care factor high. Her love for hair colour has drawn her to communicate and create a personalised look for each of her guests. A few of her forte's include freehand balayage, lived-in colour work and all aspects of styling! 

On the weekends you'll find her cooking up a storm, exploring in nature and walking her adorable Vizsla Indie! She loves a chat as much as she loves a drink so say hi if you see her!

Inspired by ~ Fashion, Photography and Nature

Star Sign ~ Leo

Human Design ~ Projector